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The age of AI has started – Quantics offers AI-driven data science solutions to help you stand out from your competitors. We harness the power of the latest technological innovations in big data, machine learning and data science to boost the performance of your business.

Our AI-driven data science solutions swiftly extend your existing ERP systems, are intuitively designed and tailored to business users.

Our Solutions

AI-driven Business Optimization

Smart, Efficient & Precise Planning

Leverage the power of big data, machine learning and data science to calculate precise and flexible demand, sales and budget forecasts. Move from tedious manual planning processes to AI-driven and automated planning for optimal tactical and operational decision making. Ensure effectivity as well as efficiency along your value chain and save valuable time by combining machine learning with human intelligence.

  • Smart & accurate forecasts
  • Interactive & collaborative features
  • Multilevel and hierarchical planning
  • Integration of internal & external data
  • Handling of complex data patterns
  • Simple, intuitve & adaptive user interface
  • Automated and rolling forecast calculation
  • Mobile & decentralized application

Agile, effective & cost-optimal decision-making

Benefit from combination of AI-driven planning, real-time monitoring, and mathematical models, that consider your specific situation and goals, to derive optimal recommendations of action. Turn insights gained swiftly into action by sharing them via Quantics user interface or integration into your existing business software.

  • Proposal of effective & efficient alternatives
  • Easily understandable recommendations
  • Automated & fast calculation
  • Optimization based on your specific situation
  • Considering real-time data & latest plans
  • Integrable with you existing business software

Customizable & holistic real-time monitoring

Integrate data from internal and external sources for a holistic real-time monitoring. Control the processes and metrics that are relevant to you. Stay decentralized and mobile wherever you are. Use your own customizable UI and benefit from automatized notifications. Set individual filters and save them as favorites for even more productive analyses.

  • Integration of internal and external data
  • Holistic and mobile monitoring
  • Management by Exception
  • Adaptive KPIs & customizable UI
  • Definition of events & triggers
  • Individual filters
Your advantages

Why choose Quantics?

We unite human intelligence and the power of AI  to get the most out of your data.

Swiftly unlock the huge potential of your data with Quantics – the fast-implementable and smart extension for your existing business software.

Fast & Flexible

Modular solution with fast implementation and simple onboarding

Intuitive & Customizable

Simple and adaptable solution designed for user without data sciene know-how

Smart & Precise

Precise, smart, and innovative Quantics AI combing 50 + models for optimal results

Efficient & Profitable

High cost-savings and low implementation expenses for a very fast ROI


Our Approach



Fast integration with our cloud solution via API or .csv interfaces for bidirectional data exchange.



Automated structuring, validation and preparation of data to provide you more optimal and accurate analysis results.



Detailed analysis and processing using machine learning, statistical models and operation research approaches.



Automatic trend and pattern recognition, smart forecasts and predefined restrictions for more effective decisions.



Visualization in a user-friendly and interactive interface or a BI tool of your choice.

Promoting innovation

Our partnerships

Quantics is a member of the Austrian Trade Association to promote innovation in retail and to support local companies with AI-based analytics solutions.


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