Deciding with foresight

Benefit from smart decision making

Sudden events and surprising trends can seriously distort your existing plans. With the Quantics Execution Package you benefit from automatic and effective recommendations of action to respond even faster and more flexible to current and future events.

Quantics Execution combines inputs from Quantics Monitoring and Quantics Planning to tailor recommendations of action to your individual business model and your current business situation. This can be achieved by considering your goals, constraints, decision parameters and current operational and forecast data.

You want to automatically turn insights to actions? Quantics Execution takes care of the communication to your ERP systems to ensure that valuable insights are followed by effective actions.

Challenges we solve

  • Replenishment
  • Allocation of goods
  • New assortment planning
  • Existing assortment optimization
  • Inventory optimization
Your advantages

Make better decisions with Quantics Execution

Make smart decisions

Don't base your decisions on experience or feelings, base them on effective actions.

Minimize manual effort

Benefit from automatic and manual triggers which initiate recommended actions in your ERP systems.

React agile

Stay ahead in changing environments thanks to real-time data and fast calculations.

Enjoy swift exception handling

Eliminate problems before they occur with automatic outlier detection and by defining rules for exception handling.

Save valuable time

Use your precious time for more important things than time consuming manual data analysis.

Benefit from a tailored solution

Consider your goals, restrictions and decision parameters to create a more realistic decision framework.

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

How does Quantics Execution work?

In order to provide you with the best possible recommendations of action, the first step is to analyse the current situation of your company. This includes the definition of goals, restrictions and decision-making parameters as well as relevant conflicts of interest. Subsequently, data from Quantics Planning and Quantics Monitoring is combined in order to determine effective recommendations of action. Afterwards these actions are displayed in a special area within the solution, where the execution can be triggered either manually or by pre-defined trigger events.

Which inputs are needed?

Since industries and companies differ from each other, the information base varies accordingly. However, information on relevant costs, restrictions and targets of the company are vital.

Can the functions be used independently?

Yes, the solution is modular so that replenishment functions for example can be used independently of inventory optimization. However, the greatest synergy effects can be achieved by considering the dependencies and combining the different functions.

Are additional functions planned for the future?

Yes, the functional scope of Quantics Execution is constantly expanding, so that different challenges can be solved.


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