Gain transperancy

Easily keep track of operations

Monitoring in separate systems is history! Monitor your operations in real time, regardless of location and operating system. Consolidate data from different sources and view it from a holistic perspective.

With Quantics Monitoring, user specific needs come first! Customize dashboards as well as KPIs towards your needs to improve your performance and support your individual workstyle. Define tailormade alerts for important events so that you and your team stay informed and can quickly act when it is required.

Your advantages

Stay up-to-date with Quantics Monitoring

  • Observe operational data in real-time
  • Have a holistic view of different data sources & systems
  • Adjust dashboard & KPI to your user-specific needs
  • Receive alerts to stay up-to-date with important events

Challenges we solve

  • Extraction of relevant data
  • Integration of different data sources
  • Automated & real-time data transfer
  • Transparent and customizable data presentation
  • Minimization of active monitoring
You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure rapid data transmission?

To observe operational data in real-time, we connect via standard API to your systems. We collect and consolidate the data for instant display in our customizable monitoring dashboards.

Do you offer support for system integrations?

Yes, if required we support you. We are happy to help you build the connection from your systems to our standard APIs.

How can the alerts be customized?

We provide you with various options to adjust the alerts to your needs:
1) Events for alerts: Simply define the events which are really of importance to you
2) Content of message: Select the content for your alerts
3) Transmission mode: Define how you would like to receive the alert


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