Peredicting the future

Execute forecasts with ease

The times of manual planning and weeks of tedious coordination processes are over! With the smart Quantics Planning AI automated, fast and precise forecasts will be your reality. Use the power of machine learning, big data and data science to master your challenges in the fields of demand, sales and budget planning.

The Quantics Planning AI helps you to create forecasts on different aggregation levels. This means it doesn’t matter whether you are delivering different product groups, product categories or SKUs through different sales channels and locations to your customers. The Quantics Planning AI looks behind your data structures and is easily able to identify location and product specific characteristics to reflect these in the forecast. This applies to both, existing and new products which are already part of your assortment.

Challenges we solve

  • Demand, sales & budget forecasting
  • Existing & new product planning
  • Consideration of company internal and external factors
  • Forecasting of complex data patterns, e.g. intermittent demand
  • Planning at different aggregation levels for products and distribution channels
The world is complex

Plan close to reality

Take into account controllable effects, such as marketing measures and external effects, such as weather, epidemics or economic developments to calculate even more precise forecasts and to make better decisions.

A special feature of the Quantics Planning AI is the forecasting of complex data patterns like intermittent demand. Intermittent demand is extremely hard to forecast and occurs commonly in retail for slow-moving products as well as in wholesale and manufacturing in case of batch shipments. Quantics Planning AI enables you to more accurately forecast this challenging demand data patterns.

Get the most out of your data

  • Actual Demand
  • Forecast
Your advantages

Use the full power of the Quantics Planning AI

Your data is valuable when you can derive valuable insights from it. Get the most out of your data at the push of button, sit back and have a look into the future.

Increase efficiency

Don't waste time on complex data analysis and the search for specific data science knowledge - Quantics solutions are made for business users.

Benefit from innovations

Use innovative methods like intermittent demand forecasting to reduce storage costs and capital commitment.

Use a smart AI

Benefit from the smart Quantics Planning AI that continuously learns from your data to provide you with even more accurate forecasts.

Enjoy a comprehensive view

Understand what drives your demand and consider both internal as well as external drivers.

Raise performance

Rely on the powerful and scalable Quantics Planning AI to quickly process huge amounts of data.

Obtain highly accurate forecasts

Receive forecasts with an accuracy that will lift your planning activities to the next level.

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

How does the forecast work?

For a precise forecast Quantics Planning relies on the combination of statistical and machine learning models. After thoroughly examining the data structure of imported historical values, the Quantics Planning AI automatically selects only those models for the calculation that are best suited. Due to the smart and fast Quantics Planning AI, large data structures can be processed efficiently to generate optimal forecasts and to make better decisions.

Is it possible to include different variables?

A clear "Yes". The Quantics Planning AI can includes both internal data (e.g. past marketing activities) and external data (e.g. weather forecasts). Which data you want to use for the forecast depends on the factors that affect the forecast values.

Which data is needed?

In order to calculate realistic forecasts, demand volumes of at least 2 years are required. Information from past marketing activities or historical stocks can also be used. In addition, product master data is needed which represents the base and contains information about all your products.

For which sectors and industries are the forecast models suitable?

Quantics Planning addresses the needs of different industries. In addition to retail and wholesale companies, the solution also addresses manufacturing companies in the apparel, food, beverage and FMCG sectors. Quantics Planning is versatile, which is why many other use cases are possible. Not sure if we are the perfect partner? Contact us.


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