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Achieve Omnichannel Transparency

Quantics helps you keep track and plan across all your distribution channels.

Your benefits

Master the complexity of your sales channels and respond to new trends on time.

Better availability

Keep supply and demand balanced across all of your channels.

Optimal assortment

Identify poorly performing products in advance to respond more swiftly.

Effective promotions

Timing is everything! Plan your marketing activities in time to prevent overstocking.

Predicting demand across different distribution channels is a big challenge. With Quantics, it's a breeze.

Resul AkayCOO at Quantics

Press a button. Get forecasts.

Quantics provides you with fast, automated and realistic forecasts at the push of a button. Forecast down to SKU level and get new insights across all your sales channels.

  • Include internal and external influencing factors
  • Find the optimal timing for marketing activities
  • Forecast slow-moving products

Plan smart. With Quantics.

We help you to master the complexity of your industry.

Accurate forecasts

Better decisions

Optimal results

Only one more step.

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