Let's achieve great things together.

We are always open for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Possible partnerships

We are looking for innovative partners who share our vision and are open for new possibilities.

Research partnership

Research is the foundation for innovation, so we are pleased to do our part to gain new insights and to drive innovation.


We believe that innovation comes from collaboration, which is why we are always on the lookout for new development partners.

Distribution partnership

Finding good distribution partners is not easy. We are a fast-growing and innovative company that welcomes new opportunities.

Consulting partnership

We are always open for joint projects and cooperations. We are also happy to support you with our expertise & powerful solution.

Common benefits

Overcoming challenges together is easier than alone. Let’s achieve more together.

Discovering opportunities
Often it takes a different view and a fresh perspective to identify new potentials. Let's team up to unlock new potentials.
Exchanging know-how
Everyone is particularly good at something. Our core areas of expertise are forecasting and decision optimization. Let's share expertise.
Boosting research
Quantics is driving research in forecasting, AI & decision science. Let's advance knowledge together.
Developing innovations
From research to innovation can be a long way. We have the software development & supply chain domain expertise to realize new ideas. Let's join forces.

Let's get to know each other.

Together we can achieve more. Let's find out how.

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