Forecasting under volatile conditions

Smarter business decisions require good knowledge about the future. That’s exactly where it gets tricky. Demand data, from the manufacturing industry for example, often consists of short time-series, and has structural changes and gaps between transactions (i.e. intermittent demand). This makes it particularly challenging to forecast. With thousands of time-series to predict on a recurring basis, changing demand patterns and a need to provide good results from very granular to the aggregate level, it’s a huge challenge that will push your data science team to its limit.

Quantics' unique and innovative AI-driven forecasting solution will help your organization to derive better forecasts, faster, at scale and in an automated fashion despite fast changing markets. Benefit from a solution that can be adapted fast to different use cases.

  • Forecast demand / sales for products & services
  • Predict raw material demand
  • Benefit from lead time forecasts
  • Leverage volume & financial forecasts

Use big data to stay on top of changes

We enrich your internal data with suitable external information that impacts your business. Break up silos, leverage big data, gain insights, increase forecast accuracy & become truly integrated.

Speed-up & automate data preparation

Avoid time-consuming manual activities.

Swift data integration

Enjoy automated integration of internal & external data from different sources.

Automated data preparation

Let the Quantics solution do the time-consuming data preprocessing for you.

Tailored hierarchical model

Benefit from a custom-made hierarchical twin of your organization & product structure.

Create forecasts without effort

  • Automated forecast creation - no expertise needed
  • System-driven selection of suitable external data
  • 50+ forecast methods (statistical, ML and DL)
  • Best-fit forecast method selection for every time series
  • AI-driven selection, combination & tuning of methods
  • Self-adaption to changes in data patterns

Harness the benefits of smarter forecasting

Predict faster & better. Act agile, profitable & sustainable

Become integrated

Enjoy one consolidated forecast across all hierarchy levels considering internal and external demand drivers.

Maximize agility

Automate time consuming & repetitive data integration, preparation, and model tuning activities. Speed-up forecasting activities and reduce costs.

Enhance results

Receive better point & probabilistic forecasts. Act more resilient, sustainable and profitable despite fast changing environments.

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