Inventory handling in times of change

Managing inventories means balancing trade-offs. Trade-offs between service, inventory, costs, and resilience. For the last decades the focus has been on minimizing the costs and inventory levels while achieving a desired service level. However, in times of supply disruptions, savings in inventory costs cumulated over multiple years can be wiped out in no time.

Quantics' unique inventory management solution enables you to optimally navigate those difficult trade-offs also in times of change and disruptions. Gain visibility of inventory and costs with minimal effort. Embrace uncertainty in inventory planning. Achieve the agility needed to optimally react to unpredictable events.

  • Maximize inventory visibility & cost transparency
  • Consider uncertainty in inventory planning
  • Benefit from self-adapting inventory policies
  • Optimally balance service, inventory, resilience and costs
  • Enable swift cross-department / company coordination

Gain visbility without effort

Siloed inventory information and planning tools that require manual updates are not feasible for dynamic environments. With Quantics Inventory Management you enjoy full visibility at minimal effort.

Receive global visibility

Benefit from a digital supply chain twin and enjoy inventory transparency for all locations.

Get a holistic view

Include latest demand & supply plans as well as lead time forecasts. Analyze inventory from different perspectives.

Manage by exception

Goodbye continuous monitoring. Leverage smart alerts to manage by exception.

Plan inventories despite uncertainity

The future is uncertain. Yet, most supply chain optimization algorithms assume it to be stable. In contrast, Quantics inventory optimization functions allow you to embrace uncertainty in planning to achieve optimal results in changing environments.

  • Use probabilistic forecasts to incorporate uncertainty
  • Handle delayed supplies with lead time forecasts
  • Share dashboards to strengthen integration with partners
  • Define focus of inventory optimization - efficiency vs. resilience
  • Simulate & review different scenarios

Adapt to changes with ease

Not every change can be anticipated. To mitigate the negative impact of unplanned changes a fast and appropriate response is required. Unlike other tools, Quantics provides you with the agility to stay on top of unforeseen disruptions.

  • Enjoy self-adapting inventory policies
  • Leverage automated replenishment recommendations
  • Respond agile to unplanned events with cross-silo teams
  • Quickly coordinate responses with supply chain partners

Enjoy smart & resilient inventory management

Forecast inventories. Balance supply and demand. Reduce costs.

Maximize visbility

Benefit from one integrated view across all inventories & locations. Receive continuous updates and alerts in case of important events.

Enhance flexibility

React faster & better to changes with self-adapting inventory policies. Benefit from swift cross-silo and cross-company coordination. Minimize manual effort & response times.

Optimize trade-offs

Incorporate uncertainty in planning. Optimally balance resilience and costs while driving business performance despite disruptions.

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